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The Casuals- Identifying society in a wider context

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Before the 1980’s, going to witness a friendly, but competitive sports match was nothing out of the ordinary. However, as times gradually moved on, a rise in the Mods and Rockers grew, certain fashion became high priority for many people, and hooliganism expanded. There were a variety of reasons for this, however, the birth of the celebrity culture, and some of the main events that happened in the 1980’s and beyond, were the main influence for the casuals in the 1980’s.

Before the end of the decade, the casual was solely based on styling yourself to be as unique as anybody else. However, a group of Liverpool fans took a step further, and eliminated sartorial elegance from the game. The stylish jumper and Doc Martin’s were vanishing quickly, and Tacchini tracksuit bottoms and Adidas trainers evolved. This trend setting theme swept the continent, which made the fans much more masculine, and the era of hooliganism began.

In the 80’s, violence and hooliganism was a matter of life and death for people, a hobby, or maybe even just something to do, and whoever involved, the lives of people they were conflicting with did not cross their minds.

In 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and started a war with the British. After Britain fought them off, a sense of triumph spread amongst the British nation and we felt united. In 1985, hooliganism, especially in football, began to become ever popular, and with that, the Luton riot occurred. In that same year, the Heysel tragedy, when Liverpool played against European giants, Juventus, sadly claimed the lives of many fans and all English clubs were banned from European football for 5 years.

The grief and sadness of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 was the last straw, and you could say that hooliganism had gone too far. The lifestyle of the casual had disappeared as the media had now discovered what had really been happening, and sportswear manufactures had dispersed into another form of fashion culture.

In this day and age, you could say that the casual has reborn into a new light, eliminating the Tacchini tracksuits and Adidas trainers, and moving onto the fake burberry hat and Hackett polo collared shirt. Even though it’s not as bad as it was, you could say that the world of hooliganism and the casuals is still upon us.