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Sporting Radio shows- Compare and Contrast

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In this report, I will be comparing two radio shows that completely contrast one another, and I will critically discuss both of their features and why they are effective and why some of their other features are not so effective. Furthermore, I will evaluate their running order, the language that is used, the style of their delivery and the style of their presentation. The two radio shows I will be discussing are Talksport and BBC Radio 5live.

Firstly, Talksport is one of the most popular sports radio shows in the country, with most of the presenters including Alan Brazil and Stan Collymore always creating controversy with their views and opinions on recent sporting events. The running order is rather predictable, as in any radio show, the most talked about event or piece of news is the main focus. With constant calls from the public to argue their case, it makes this radio show quite dramatic.

BBC Radio 5live has the same theme as Talksport, however, you can see and hear that there are some differences between the two rival shows. With most of the presenters being ex-professionals, including Robbie Savage and Steve Cotterill, you argue that BBC Radio 5live attempts to be a much more professional radio show. Another point to add is it’s much less opinionated from the public’s perspective. There are less phone ins from callers than Talksport, and the focus is more on what the presenters think of the recent sporting events.